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E3 2016: Microsoft Stuns The Crowd

Okay, the title for this article sounds like my reactions should be positive. And for the most part they are. I’m excited about a lot of what was shown today, but I’m also stunned by the timing of some of these announcements. Mainly the hardware announcements. But first let’s dive into the software that was announced today.

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U100 Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack Review – The only bag you need

Pelican ProGear U100

When former colleague and good friend Jeffrey Wilson told me that he has a passion for great backpacks I gawked at him, no I down right teased him . When it came to my geek decorum a backpack was the last thing on my mind. I was contempt with shoving my laptop and fight stick into any standard duffel bag. I couldn’t fathom spending more than 40 bucks on a back pack. It just wasn’t logical to me. That is until Pelican sent over its Urban Elite Laptop Backpack. Continue reading U100 Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack Review – The only bag you need

Review – Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End – Fitting Conclusion to Drake’s Adventure


Note this review is spoiler free.

Let’s get this out the way early. Uncharted fans will devour every morsel of this magnificent meal and new comers can jump in without feeling left out. Uncharted 4 is easily the best console game to come out of this console generation by a long shot.

The final chapter in Drake’s adventure is easily one of the most gorgeous console experiences you’ll have. From beginning to end Uncharted 4 will take you on a exhilarating joy ride that you won’t soon forget. The motion capture is top shelf, the voice acting impeccable, and the tight gameplay we’ve come to love all make a triumphant return with minor, but easily forgivable issues. Continue reading Review – Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End – Fitting Conclusion to Drake’s Adventure

Full-Featured Rainbow Typing – TeamWolf VoidRay Mechanical Keyboard Review


While TKL (ten key-less) keyboards are nice, the majority of typist are accustomed to a full, 104-key layout. TeamWolf knows this more than any other company and has packed a slew of features into their VoidRay keyboard.  This mechanical clicker is packing a full RGB spectrum under each key and, just like the Zhuque, has removable switches.

This is our favorite Teamwolf keyboard so far. It has plenty of features, is an excellent typing experience, and isn’t too hard on the eyes or wallet. This won’t turn into a gush-fest, we promise. There are still a few things that would like to see addressed in the next version.

Check out the video below for our full thoughts.

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