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Jonsbo comes out swinging with the VR1

The mini-ITX form-factor is really exploding with the current generation of  components.  Every major manufacturer now has a at least one motherboard that supports each of the three chipsets in the Intel 100 series. I’m sure there will be AMD ITX boards when ZEN finally launches.

But with the trendiness of the form factor, that may  leave some of us questioning what are we going to put our speedy compact builds in? Well, Jonsbo may have the answer you seek in the form of the VR1.

The VR1 sports aluminum and tempered glass shell, vertical motherboard layout, and support for GPU’s of up 320mm. That’s just the beginning of all the goodies that come built into the case.  We know that the Cyrorig OLA is everyone’s darling case, but the VR1 is capable of standing toe to toe.

Check the video below to see the full review.

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All glass everything – Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass ATX case review

If there’s one thing that anyone that builds computers loves, it’s showing off the sweet fruits of their labor.  It’s almost like working on that project car that’s been in the garage for the better part of the year- you spend all of your free time building it, then you finally get to show all of your friends. Will the Rosewill Cullinan be the platform for out new projects? Find out below. Continue reading All glass everything – Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass ATX case review

Rolling around – white knight pi itx case review

Most cases are some form of a box and with good reason – most components these days are still some form of rectangle. The only component that we can think of as uniformly not a cube of some sort are the cylindrical liquid reservoirs and the tubing that comes to and from them.

After seeing Apple’s unveiling of the current design of the Mac Pro, I patiently waited for a manufacturer to produce a round computer case.  I waited and waited and still nothing came to market. We had all but forgotten about the nition of owning a case that didn’t come in the shape of a shipping container. That is, until we stumbled across the White Knight Pi.

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E3 2016: Microsoft Stuns The Crowd

Okay, the title for this article sounds like my reactions should be positive. And for the most part they are. I’m excited about a lot of what was shown today, but I’m also stunned by the timing of some of these announcements. Mainly the hardware announcements. But first let’s dive into the software that was announced today.

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U100 Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack Review – The only bag you need

Pelican ProGear U100

When former colleague and good friend Jeffrey Wilson told me that he has a passion for great backpacks I gawked at him, no I down right teased him . When it came to my geek decorum a backpack was the last thing on my mind. I was contempt with shoving my laptop and fight stick into any standard duffel bag. I couldn’t fathom spending more than 40 bucks on a back pack. It just wasn’t logical to me. That is until Pelican sent over its Urban Elite Laptop Backpack. Continue reading U100 Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack Review – The only bag you need