CES Report: Day 2

CES this was huge and Day 2 and 3 were crazy packed with gadgets of all sorts. We finally had enough time to get to the show floor and to start poking around at all of the tech. Unfortunately, there’s no real good vantage point to get a good shot of exactly how big this show is. If you’ve ever been to other large scale conventions like NYCC (New York Comic Con) or Otakon in Baltimore, you’ll have a slight idea of how big this show really was. We can say for sure that CES is much bigger than those shows combined.

Enough of this idle chat though. We know you came here to see all of the goodies that we got to see and play with. And FYI, stayed tuned because we might have a little contest to give away some swag. We’re just saying.


As a note, hover over the bottom half of the slideshows for captions on each image.



Want to carry all of your gear in style? Well, the good folks over at Golla have something that will fit just about everyone’s style and carry all of their tech toys. From cell phone pockets to camera bags and laptop sleeves, there really isn’t much they  don’t make for daily transport of mobile gear. And all of their products are packing great design cues and material choices. Even though Golla is originally a Finnish company, some of the their products can be found stateside in big-box retailers like Target and Best Buy and more coming to our shores everyday.




Third party accessories were alive and well with companies making better gear for more affordable prices. A stand out for us was PDP (Performance Designed Products) and their line of audio and licensed products. Their Afterglow audio products made a splash about a year ago with good sound and build quality for an affordable price. Now they’re ready to expand on that line with new color ways and a new model. The mobile accessories are beautiful and sport graphics that would make most geeks swoon. Seriously, chibi comic book characters, video game characters, and even Hello Kitty.



X-Gaming’s X-Arcade is all about one thing-giving you the ability to bring the arcade experience in its purest form to your living room. While their controllers might not come with a roll of quarters or the funk that actual arcades of yore had, anyone that sees the Tankstick sitting on your coffee table will give you some serious death glares out of jealousy. That’s only if the spy the joysticks. We can’t imagine what will happen if they find a full size cabinet in any room of your living abode. We hope that if anyone buys one of these that their skill level would be near-legendary at the very least.




Makers of very small form factor computers, Giada had some very beautiful systems on display and none of them were bigger that a novel. We had heard of them a few years ago when book-sized barebones computers were getting rather popular. Now the computer manufacturer is looking to break into the market with fully built systems that are ordes of magnitude faster than those kits. Not only that, but now the tablet market is in their sights as well.



Like we said at the beginning of the post, we’re doing a small giveaway to thank everyone that has come to the site and taken part of the discussion. Look for the official announcement at the end of the next (and final) CES 2013 recap post.