More bigger, more better baby! LIAN LI releases the LANCOOL 215 with giant fans

Back during the good old days of CES 2020, Lian Li showed off a plethora of cases. While the LANCOOL 215 wasn’t the flashiest case of in their suite, it was good to see that the manufacturer was still thinking about those of us that want a budget option for a case instead of a Transformer or PC-O11D.

In case you can’t remember what Lian Li had in their suite this year, (and I honestly wouldn’t blame you, given the state of the world) here’s a refresher.

The LANCOOL 215 is a solid looking ATX mid-tower case with two very large assets in the front that are hard to miss, namely two 200mm ARGB fans. Both of the massive fans are of the high static pressure variety to get air over a front-mounted radiator that can be up to 360mm in length. In front of the fans on the exterior is a fine mesh to keep dust out while allowing the fans to pull in air. Inside the case, radiator compatibility is up to a 360mm rad on the front and a 240mm radiator on top. Both of these locations have enough clearance to have a set of fans installed on them. This is nice, as it sets up for a push-pull config on the front is you’re building a case with either an AIO or custom loop.

What big…eyes… you have

The LANCOOL 215 also offers plenty of cable management grommets and Velcro straps. I do appreciate that the front I/O is on top of the case and directly above the cable tie-downs, which should make cable management, well, more manageable. Right next to the tie-downs is a fan and RGB hub. Even though it isn’t a PWM fan hub, it is surprising to see it in a case at this price point. The hub can accommodate up to six fans and three 5V+ RGB devices. Of those six fans that the hub can support, half of those spots are occupied by the included fans. Just in case you’re keeping track, there’s also a single 120mm fan pre-installed in the rear as an exhaust.

In case you’re getting excited by the vertical GPU in the product shots shown, note that the LANCOOL 215 doesn’t come with the kit needed to make a GPU vertical. Rather, that bracket and an RGB strip, which were both built for the LANCOOL II, can be purchased separately.

Speaking of purchases, the LANCOOL 215 is available for pre-order from Lian Li via Newegg for the affordable price of $69.99 now. No date has been given for the actual release, but I would assume it’s sometime in the near future.