Nvidia shows the big guns with their 10 series cards

Yesterday, Nvidia has finally raised the curtain and revealed to all of us the magic that is their new GTX10 series graphic cards. While they didn’t bring out all of cards that will have the new Pascal architecture, they showed off the two that really mattered.

The new flagship card, the GTX1080, boasts impressive specs and capabilities. Armed with 8GB of the new GDDR5X, the card can perform an astounding 9 teraflops while only using 180W of power. Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, put the computational power of the GTX1080 into perspective when he said that a single new card would outperform two GTX 980’s running in SLI. That’s a metric ton of power.

The other card that Nvidia brought out was the dragon of the line up, GTX 1070. While it’s armed with the same amount of RAM as the GTX 1080, it won’t be the high-speed GDDR5X. The teraflops remain fairly high at 6.5. The power draw for this card is yet to be announce, but we expect it to be around the 140W mark.


What makes all of that even more incredible is the price point of both cards. The GTX 1080 will have an MSRP of $599, while the GTX 1070 will have a price tag of $379.  These prices are amazingly low, especially when compared to the Maxwell based cards, the GTX 980ti and the Titan X, which debuted at $650 and $1000 respectively.

The GTX 1080 hits the streets on May 27th while the GTX 1070 comes out a bit later on June 10th.

The next big question is will Nvidia have enough stock when the release dates come up in the next few weeks? Hopefully they do, but only time will tell.