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Review: Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Elite Keyboard Hefty Price

Razer-Blackwidow-beautyBeside’s your monitor,  your keyboard is probably the most used peripheral. You should want the Rolls Royce of keyboards. Easy to use, comfortable, luxurious, and full of options. When you consider how much time we spend typing it’s easy to see why a great keyboard is a worth while investment. When choosing a keyboard many factors come into play. Think about it, you’ll be spending thousands of hours sitting behind the keyboard. It should feel and work flawlessly. Does the keyboard have extra features that you can use? Think about size, what’s the keyboard will take up desk space is it massive or compact, does it include a number pad? Above all else consider comfort, a keyboard should always be comfortable. Especially during extended use.

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CES 2012 Post Show Report – Razer

Razer, one of the leading companies in computer gaming peripherals, landed at the 2012 CES with a little more up it’s sleeve than most expected. Not only did they have their usual fair of gaming mice, keyboards, and other accessories, but they brought the Blade. And even more important than the Blade, Razer brought Project Fiona to CES.

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