Crushproof Pelican U100

U100 Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack Review – The only bag you need

Pelican ProGear U100

When former colleague and good friend Jeffrey Wilson told me that he has a passion for great backpacks I gawked at him, no I down right teased him . When it came to my geek decorum a backpack was the last thing on my mind. I was contempt with shoving my laptop and fight stick into any standard duffel bag. I couldn’t fathom spending more than 40 bucks on a back pack. It just wasn’t logical to me. That is until Pelican sent over its Urban Elite Laptop Backpack.

To understand why I appreciate this backpack so much you need to know a bit of background about my day to day. By night I privy myself a writer. But by day I’m a network engineer. My typical day consist of carrying a few patch cables, my laptop, some books, my tablet and a charger. If I told you that my old bag was packed and uncomfortable it’d be an understatement. My electronic devices were constantly exposed to the harsh and rugged NYC subways creating all sorts of OCD inducing nicks and dents.

Pelican ProGear U100

In comes the Pelican Urban Elite Laptop Backpack and it has changed my commute completely. You’ll know what I mean If you’ve ever had to travel with a laptop, DSLR camera, Tablet or any other fragile electronic. You open the door to possibly damaging your device. Traveling on a crowded subway maximizes my  chances of ruining my equipment daily. But since I’ve using my Urban Elite as my daily backpack I’ve been commuting with a newly found reassurance.  This pack is heavy duty, durable, while also remaining light enough that it doesn’t wear me  down or tire my back out. This is mainly due to its S-curve comfort design that hugs against your back.

The compartments are designed with versatility in mind. The main compartment that will house your laptop comes with foam adhesive squares you can place to accommodate  different size laptops. Having a customizable compartment for your laptop means that any laptop any sized laptop  would sit comfortably inside without you having to worry about it rattling or moving around while you’re traveling.

Crushproof Pelican U100
All your needs in one bag.

To top things off the Urban has a really nifty “anti-crush” hardshell tablet compartment (which has saved my Nexus 7 plenty of times). And trust me I’ve put the anti-crush claims to the test having multiple people sit or kick the compartment where my tablet rested for the benefit of this review. In the end it’s simple, Pelican has made a bag you can trust whole-heartedly.

Besides these two compartments you’ll find multiple compartments that can store anything from cables, to chargers or anything else that you find suitable. I found it handy enough to pack my portable charger and 3DS comfortably. I could probably fit a few other things in there with no issues.

There’s an expandable pocket that I’ve used while traveling to pack light clothing items but it could easily fit another laptop. The straps are lightly patted but perform like you would imagine they’re not uncomfortable but they’re nothing special either.

Pelican ProGear U100

no matter what you end up using this bag for, be it a weekend hiking trip, air travel, or an everyday wear the  Pelican Urban Elite is extremely reliable in making sure what ever you pack stays in tact.

This bag is worth every cent. The build quality is phenomenal, and it’s aesthetically pleasing;  I love how such a light backpack can offer so much space and protection.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 19.50″ x 13.60″ x 12.00″ (49.5 x 34.5 x 30.5 cm)
  • Case Interior Dimensions: 15.50″ x 10.50″ x 1.50″ (39.4 x 26.7 x 3.8 cm)
  • Bag Volume : 16L
  • Weight: 8 lbs (3.65kg)

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