Rating System

Here at The Marduk Report, we pride ourselves on giving you easy to understand and honest ratings that you can actually use. Our system might come off a little blunt, but we feel that this is much more useful than arbitrary numbers or stars because, let’s be serious, that’s not how the real world works. Stars and numbers out of 100 might have been fine for elementary school, but that’s not how you get paid at your job, is it? So without further ado, here’s our rating system breakdown for whether something we’ve reviewed is worth those hard earned greenbacks.

(all ratings are ordered from best to worst) (If you aren’t in the mood to read, there’s a tl;dr video at the bottom of the page)


  1. Pre-Order! – You should pre-order this now because it’s life-changingly good and WILL sell out
  2. Purchase – If you’ve heard of it and were thinking about it, open a new window and order it now.
  3. Find it on sale – It’s a solid piece of tech, but not worth the initial asking price.
  4. Wait for next generation – This will be worth the money when the next gen comes out and prices drop severely
  5. Remove from cart – Unless you’re a baller and have nothing better to do with your money, don’t waste your time. (ED note – if you have that kind of money, consider donating some products to the site for us to review. Just puttin’ it out there…)


  1. See it live – Get off your rear and get to the nearest theater asap or make plans to watch this every week as it airs.
  2. Buy on disc – Don’t waste the time to DVR this or see it in theaters. But it is good enough to spend money on, so get it when it comes out on disc.
  3. Stream itNot worth the time to search for a ticket to the theater or get off your couch really. Get it on Netflix Instant or Hulu. 
  4. Scour The Internets – We don’t condone piracy, but we do know that’s how part of the internet works. Get a quality release.
  5.  Not worth the bandwidth – Just like the title says. There’s no point in getting even closer to that already low monthly bandwidth cap over this nonsense.


  1.  Midnight Release – This is worth standing in the cold of night just to get your grubby hands on it first.
  2.  Express Shipping – Not stand-in-the-cold good, but worth ordering online at full price and getting prioritized shipping on.
  3. Wait for the price drop – Decent game, but not worth the full asking price. This game is worth no more than about 60% of it’s original price.
  4.  Black Friday Steam Sale – You’ll definitely want to try this before putting ANY kind of money down. This is intended for a specific demographic and you’re most likely not a part of it.
  5. Coaster – The game isn’t worth the disc it’s pressed on or the bandwidth used to download it. Obtain only if you want to practice your Kung Lao/Oddjob throwing techniques.

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