Sean -Paul Adams

Founder/Editor in Chief/Video Producer

Sean-Paul, aka Shompy, has been building computers for the better part of a decade. His passion for putting together systems has landed him writing opportunities with The Other View, Computer Shopper, and the now defunct 2D-X. Now he has moved beyond the pen and taken to video as his medium. With camera in hand, he shares his take on the gems he finds in the tech industry. When not building a system, Sean-Paul is usually illustrating his newest design, cooking, watching anime, or riding his bike around Singapore and dreaming up his next computer build.


Eric profile pic

Eric Guzman

Lead Hardware Editor

Eric’s obsession with hardware landed him here at The Marduk Report. After working with Sean-Paul over at the now resting 2D-X (may it rest in peace) he quickly connected with Sean-Paul’s obsession with PC builds. During the day he’s the Senior Network Engineer for a large MSP. But his true passions trickle their way out of his pores at night. If he’s not tinkering with PC builds or reviewing hardware, you can find him in the kitchen mastering his cooking techniques, lifting heavy objects in the gym, or reading comics in a corner.

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