Review – Aerial7 Tank DIY Headphones

tank diy

We all love a good set of headphones. They let us connect with our favorite music and disconnect with all of the aggravation of the outside world. And with the rise of artist-backed, premium cans, it might seem like everybody and their auntie will try to make a  decent set, with emphasis on the trying part. While that’s great, us common folk might not ever get a chance to try them since they can be rather overpriced. Thankfully, there are companies that produce solid headphones at prices that don’t include paying-for-rapper’s-lifestyles markups. We’re taking a look at one such headset today, the Aerial7 DIY Tank.

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We’ve all seen the those incredibly cheesy, late night commercials where people have a computer that’s “running slow”. By “running slow” the commentator really means that they have a computer that’s turned around backwards and and not plugged in and obviously  the screen image is nothing more than terrible looking post-production. Somehow, all of these late night spots came across the late and once great G4 (we’re not going to comment anymore on that station) By some nonsensical hocus-pocus, they act like there’s a magic site you can go to that will turn a 5 year old computer into a brand new state of the art machine. As much as we think that isn’t true and can’t possibly happen, what if it could? Iolo thinks that it can and have a program that they claim can do it called System Mechanic.

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