The first official day of the madness was Tuesday, the 8th. The show floors (yes, there are multiple floors) opened and the crowds began to fill the convention halls and hotel suites. If any of you out there have been to an anime convention, this si very similar to middle day.  If our memory serves us correct, that’s usually a Saturday. The big differences here, outside the lack of anime and overabundance of tech, are that there are many more people in business attire and that nobody smells in a bad way.

So what did we see? Not as much as Monday as we had many meetings with component companies. If that sounds interesting, then click over to Computer Shopper a little later and check out all of the PC building goodness. Otherwise, hit the jump and view some of the interesting things we saw.

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CES Report: Day Zero – Pepcom

Another CES has come and gone and most of us are still in the afterglow of the gadget-y, electronic orgasm that befell Las Vegas last week.  We’re were there for the press conferences  to see as many of the new products as we could, and to network like we’ve never networked before. Remember kids, no matter what your profession is, networking is the key to getting everything you want.

Instead of breaking it down by category like many other sites have already done, we’re going to do something different. We’ll be breaking down our coverage by day and showing you the awesome gadgets we saw on the days we we were shown.

Day 0 was Monday and the unofficial start of the madness. The show was to kick off the following day, but that didn’t stop companies from having all kinds of showings and conferences. For us the real fun came at night during Pepcom, a show within CES where over 190 exhibitors showed up to give the press a peek at what they’ll have on the show floor during the week.

Hit the jump and after the break we’ll show you the awesome we saw in the 4 hour rush.

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CES 2013 is here!



It’s that time if year again, where all forms of the press and  tech from the farthest flung industries collide in an all-out cacophony of sweet releases and sweeter  announcements. It’s that time when you, the reader, can put your feet up (if no one is looking) and partake in the electronic feast that is CES 2013.

Technically, today is Day 0 and the actual show floor hasn’t opened yet, but worry not dear reader! We will be here for the entire week of the show to give you the scoops of the latest, coolest, and just some of the random and interesting things that we’re sure to find here.

We’ve got plenty lined up for the week, so make sure you check back often to see what kind of great gadgets and exciting announcements we’ll be covering. If your appetite is incredibly strong, follow us on twitter, @TheMardukReport and @digispa as we’ll be heading out to a few press conferences and live tweeting from them.

Protip: Sony Press Conference is in 2.5 hours and we’ll be there.


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