CES Report: Day Zero – Pepcom

Another CES has come and gone and most of us are still in the afterglow of the gadget-y, electronic orgasm that befell Las Vegas last week.  We’re were there for the press conferences  to see as many of the new products as we could, and to network like we’ve never networked before. Remember kids, no matter what your profession is, networking is the key to getting everything you want.

Instead of breaking it down by category like many other sites have already done, we’re going to do something different. We’ll be breaking down our coverage by day and showing you the awesome gadgets we saw on the days we we were shown.

Day 0 was Monday and the unofficial start of the madness. The show was to kick off the following day, but that didn’t stop companies from having all kinds of showings and conferences. For us the real fun came at night during Pepcom, a show within CES where over 190 exhibitors showed up to give the press a peek at what they’ll have on the show floor during the week.

Hit the jump and after the break we’ll show you the awesome we saw in the 4 hour rush.

As a note, hover over the bottom half of the slideshows for captions on each image.



Viewsonic had some very impressive displays at their booth during Pepcom, including a smart display and a 4k professional monitor. The 4k monitor rasied some questions in our collective head as it was getting its video signal from 2 Dual-Link DVI ports. Getting 2 QWHD monitors, the Yamakasi Catleaps, to work on a system was challenging enough. We hope this comes with Display Port.



UBUNTU PHONE! Color us surprised as we haven’t heard the entire internet singing this mobile OS’s praises and welcoming it with open arms. Canonical has truly made an impressive piece of software that will take users some time to get used to, but make much more sense than what’s available now. How do we know that it’s going to be game-changing? Take a look at the first slide-there are no buttons on that handset. Yeah, we’re a little excited for this.




Kingston is celebrating their 10th year  anniversary of the Hyper X line of memory and 25 years in business. Needless to say, the folks over at Kingston were in a great mood. There were sticks of RAM and SSD’s being shown off all over the place and it was obvious that Kingston is really going to be leading the way for the future of flash memory. We especially think that after seeing one little, but huge surprise that had many people dumbstruck and calling “HAX!”.



While they are known more so for their laptops and impeccable keyboards, Lenovo pulled out all of the stops and brought products from all of their lines, including a number of which aren’t even available on this side of the planet. We were glad to see that the pre-built gaming desktop market hasn’t completely dried up with the Lenovo Erazer. Even more impressive than that was the Lenovo Horizon- a 27 inch, 10-point touch, table-top computer that folds flat much like their A720.


That’s it for the highlights from Day Zero. Stay with us as we recap all of our time in the desert