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Shift into the fast lane with new adata m.2 ssds

Keep rolling rolling rolling


Using the heat to keep cool – GoSun Chill Solar powered cooler

Now that summer is nearly upon us here in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to shift our thoughts to beaches, BBQs, picnics. It’s a tradition that as soon as the sun starts feeling like it’s a bit too close that we all congregate outside to enjoy the non-cold weather as much as possible before Old-Man Winter comes back.

But all this outdoor recreation poses a time-honored problem – how does one keep all of the snacks and drinks cold when we are among the great outdoors? Normally it means a stop at either a grocery or convenience store to purchase a multi-pound bag of ice, or telling someone else to bring the ice on their way. GoSun believes that there’s a better and drier way to keep picnic and BBQ items cool. Enter, the GoSun Chill.

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Miniature movement – snoppa Atom mobile gimbal

When it comes to filmmaking, the most reliable way to get smooth footage is to use a gimbal. While they come in all sorts of flavors and sizes, the most commonly purchased among the general consumer population are certainly the ones that are on the smaller end of the scale that is compatible with mobile phones. One of the newest gimbals comes from a Chinese company Snoppa in the form of the Atom. Which the company is claiming to be the world’s smallest gimbal.

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Arc System Works brings Kill La Kill to life

Anime Expo wrapped up last week and the announcement fireworks so bright that Uncle Sam would have cried tears of joy. One of the biggest surprises came from a logical but never heard of pairing- Arc System Works and Trigger. The former is best known for the fighting game series Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue, while the latter is an anime production studio that has brought us amazing shows Little Witch Academia and Kill La Kill.

Now the two companies have done the Fusion Dance and are bringing us Kill La Kill the game: IF

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