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Full-Featured Rainbow Typing – TeamWolf VoidRay Mechanical Keyboard Review


While TKL (ten key-less) keyboards are nice, the majority of typist are accustomed to a full, 104-key layout. TeamWolf knows this more than any other company and has packed a slew of features into their VoidRay keyboard.  This mechanical clicker is packing a full RGB spectrum under each key and, just like the Zhuque, has removable switches.

This is our favorite Teamwolf keyboard so far. It has plenty of features, is an excellent typing experience, and isn’t too hard on the eyes or wallet. This won’t turn into a gush-fest, we promise. There are still a few things that would like to see addressed in the next version.

Check out the video below for our full thoughts.

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Tinier Typing – TeamWolf Zhuque Keyboard Review


It’s a brand new day here at TMR as we get our hands on our first TKL mechanical keyboard.  For those that aren’t aware, TKL is an acronym for ten-keyless and refers for a keyboards layout, with the Numpad that’s on the far right of most keyboards being omitted, while the function keys at the top remain. The result is usually a very compact and portable typing product.

We don’t want to give away too much about the review, but the short version is that this is an incredible deal for the money. Watch the video below for our full thoughts.

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Review: Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Elite Keyboard Hefty Price

Razer-Blackwidow-beautyBeside’s your monitor,  your keyboard is probably the most used peripheral. You should want the Rolls Royce of keyboards. Easy to use, comfortable, luxurious, and full of options. When you consider how much time we spend typing it’s easy to see why a great keyboard is a worth while investment. When choosing a keyboard many factors come into play. Think about it, you’ll be spending thousands of hours sitting behind the keyboard. It should feel and work flawlessly. Does the keyboard have extra features that you can use? Think about size, what’s the keyboard will take up desk space is it massive or compact, does it include a number pad? Above all else consider comfort, a keyboard should always be comfortable. Especially during extended use.

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