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Incredible tiny typing – anne pro 2 review

Unless you’ve been living under a tech rock or in a Luddite fortress, chances are that you’ve seen or heard or mechanical keyboards. And if you’ve had any interest in getting a mechanical keyboard in the past year or so, you’ve seen the explosion of popularity in keyboards that are smaller than your average 104-key clacker. One of the more popular choices in smaller keyboards is the Anne Pro 2.

This little clicker is what’s known as a 60-percent layout. As in, it has 60% of the keys found on a more traditional 104-key device. Even though it’s missing more than 40 keys, this little “keeb” as mechanical keyboards are affectionately called, has nearly all of the functionality you could want from a keyboard and then some.

To see my full thoughts on the Anne Pro 2, check the video below

Adata adds gaming peripherals to skill set with new keyboard and mouse

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions ADATA to you? Is it RAM? Or how about SSDs? Memory perhaps? Any or all of these would be correct, but did you know that ADATA also makes gaming peripherals? Yeah, me neither until today.

So what are they making? Glad you asked.

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Roccat announces the Final piece of the Future ready puzzle

For years, Roccat has teased its Future-Ready lineup of products that were designed to work in unison and elevate your gaming experience. Of the three products listed, two had been brought to market. One was the MMO-focused mouse that allowed for buttons to be 3D printed called the Nyth, while the other was a unified driver and control center called the Swarm.

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Roccat is trying to claim your couch

With each day that passes, the PC steroids closer and closer to ruling the living room. A single computer  can easily replace many set top boxes and game consoles. Not that there’s anything wrong with having having boxes on top of boxes, but a single solution is really the best way to go. The real problem is how does one control a PC from the comfort of a couch. wireless controllers are nice, but not applicable in every situation. Wireless keyboards are a great choice, but generally have no where to use a mouse.  Well, Roccat has finally released the last part of their future-ready products that were announced a few years back in the form of the SOVA keyboard.

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Full-Featured Rainbow Typing – TeamWolf VoidRay Mechanical Keyboard Review


While TKL (ten key-less) keyboards are nice, the majority of typist are accustomed to a full, 104-key layout. TeamWolf knows this more than any other company and has packed a slew of features into their VoidRay keyboard.  This mechanical clicker is packing a full RGB spectrum under each key and, just like the Zhuque, has removable switches.

This is our favorite Teamwolf keyboard so far. It has plenty of features, is an excellent typing experience, and isn’t too hard on the eyes or wallet. This won’t turn into a gush-fest, we promise. There are still a few things that would like to see addressed in the next version.

Check out the video below for our full thoughts.

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