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We’ve all seen the those incredibly cheesy, late night commercials where people have a computer that’s “running slow”. By “running slow” the commentator really means that they have a computer that’s turned around backwards and and not plugged in and obviously  the screen image is nothing more than terrible looking post-production. Somehow, all of these late night spots came across the late and once great G4 (we’re not going to comment anymore on that station) By some nonsensical hocus-pocus, they act like there’s a magic site you can go to that will turn a 5 year old computer into a brand new state of the art machine. As much as we think that isn’t true and can’t possibly happen, what if it could? Iolo thinks that it can and have a program that they claim can do it called System Mechanic.

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Review: Kingston SSDNOW V200

Kingston SSDNOW V200 box

The Kingston brand has been an authoritative presence in the realm of SSDs, and continues to pwn the competition with its business class “SSD Now 200V series”. This particular series comes in several capacities ranging from 64GB, 128GB (which was used for our review), and 256 GB. Depending on whether you purchased the PC or Notebook upgrade kit, the contents of your package will vary. The PC upgrade kit that we received, totes a SATA cable, chassis mounting brackets, 2 glorious DVDs that truly make your life easier (1 being the installation DVD, the other is hard drive cloning software… wining) and last but not least, 2.5 inches of pure unadulterated fun.

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