Aerocool wants to bring out your Darkside with new RGB cases

Aerocool is making a big push this year to get into the minds of PC enthusiasts with the launch of not one or two, but nine new cases, all of which are aimed at budget-minded builders. The company announced the first six during CES this year and now has announced another three. The latest trio all take some inspiration from Darkside of pop culture. Let’s take a look at what likes beneath, shall we?

The new cases are rather appropriately named given the theme. Aero Engine, Cylon Pro, and Scar are the titles for the new trio. While the Cyclon Pro and Scar are obvious where their names come from, the Aero Engine is a bit harder for me to pin down. If you have an idea leave a comment below.

All of these new cases are mid-tower ATX with some form of RGB lighting built in. The Scar and Cylon Pro feature a large slash of RGB going up the front and around to the sides a bit (Cylon Pro) or across the top to the back (Scar). The Aero Engine sports an RGB intake on the front that is molded in to resemble a jet turbine.

While all of these cases look very similar, what kinds of components they can fit does vary. The smallest is the Aero Engine as it’s focused on air cooling. All of the cases can support six 120mm fans, three on the front, two on top and one in the rear, but the Aero Engine can only officially support a single 120mm rad on the front. It seems a bit odd to me if the case was made to support multiples of that size fan, then why not support equal size cooling radiators?

The Cylon Pro supports the same fan layout, but the radiator support increases to 240mm support on the front and top side. The Scar has the most space for rads as the front can handle a 360mm on the front and a 240 on the top.

Styling for the cases is fairly minimal while still being futuristic with the way the RGB lighting is presented. The Aero Engine has the most unique exterior of the bunch as it bears a striking resemblance to the Phanteks P400 with a turbine-like intake fan flanked by angular cutouts in the front.

Exact pricing and availability were not released at this time but I’ll update this article when that info becomes available. I was told that each of these cases would be under $100, which would be great. I hope that they’ll max out around the $80 mark so they can compete with cases from other manufacturers like NZXT and Corsair.

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