Arc System Works brings Kill La Kill to life

Anime Expo wrapped up last week and the announcement fireworks so bright that Uncle Sam would have cried tears of joy. One of the biggest surprises came from a logical but never heard of pairing- Arc System Works and Trigger. The former is best known for the fighting game series Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue, while the latter is an anime production studio that has brought us amazing shows Little Witch Academia and Kill La Kill.

Now the two companies have done the Fusion Dance and are bringing us Kill La Kill the game: IF

The trailer above starts with footage from the show for the first half then switches gears at the 45-second mark to show 3D versions of Ryuko and Satsuki battling it out in what appears to be a sealed off arena in the slums where Mako and her family live. The rest of the trailer is a flashy battle that is reminiscent of the clash of swords from the opening to the Kill La Kill show.

It would be no surprise if this game has more of an Arc SystemWorks feel to it as Trigger is only given a supervisory title. What is concerning is that Arc Systemworks has given themselves a distribution title in the trailer.  While stylistically this game seems to have all the trappings of other 3D Arc System Works fighters like Dragonball FighterZ and Guilter Gear Xrd, there’s something about the game that doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s a lack of polish as these are early models or maybe these characters don’t translate as well into CG? Whatever the reason, I’ll wait until the next trailer drops.

I do hope that Arc System Works doesn’t lose their way and turn this into the game that gets just as much hype as the show, but has the presentation of DBZF or GGXrd.

Kill La Kill the Game:  IF will be released in 2019 on PS4 and Steam.