Biostar motherboards are switching bios and racing to your desktop

In recent years there’s been a growing trend in the GPU segment of hardware for cards to have two BIOS ROMs. The idea is that if something were to happen to a BIOS, whether it becomes corrupted, updated to an unstable version, or if the card “bricks” from overclocking, that there’s another BIOS that can get the card working again. Its a great feature for overclockers and others who just like to tinker.

Now Biostar, a Taiwanese component manufacturer, is bringing that feature to its racing line of motherboards. Available on all motherboards of the series, not just the high-end Z chipset boards. Unlike other motherboards with a similar feature, the Biostar Racing motherboards will have a physical switch to change between the pair of BIOS ROMS. This means there won’t be any chance of a BIOS auto update going awry and corrupting both BIOS.  And it’s an extra layer of security when it comes to ransomware as well.

The following models have the dual BIOS switch:








To read more about these motherboards, take a look at the Biostar site – here.

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Written by Sean-Paul Adams

Growing up the son of a West Coast Video Manager, Sean-Paul has literally been playing video games for as long as he can remember. Starting as a wee little boy in his room with a 7” black and white TV and his Atari 2600 with Tank Plus, not much has changed, just the room and television have gotten bigger. When not gaming, Sean-Paul is usually cooking, watching anime, or riding his bike around Singapore and dreaming up his next computer build.