CES 2012 Post Show Report – Pink Visual Pr0n Party

CES was many things to us here at The Marduk Report. This was our first CES and we were fortunate enough to go while still in our infancy. There was obviously tech stretching farther than the eye can see, most of it being amazing. There were plenty of great people that we met too. The crowds were big, but we’re from NYC, so it was nothing shocking to us. And then there were the parties. There were so many parties that by the Thursday during the show, we started reevaluating our party choices. And while we went to a number of parties and events, there was one that left a good and very memorable impression on us. It was also the last party you would expect to find at the world’s largest tech show. It was the Pron Party.

Adult entertaninment company Pink Visual threw an event called the Pron Party during CES which was a showing of the company’s new tech offerings in the adult entertainment world.

We showed up early, as all of our appointments were finished for the day and because we weren’t about to wait in line to get into this party. Showing up early proved to be a good move as once we were inside the bar the party was being held at, we noticed we had first dibs  on checking out the sawg that was placed around the bar. Of course, no party called a Pron Party would be complete with out actual adult DVD’s. There were a few scattered around that within 30 minutes of the party starting had completely disappeared. There were some other swag that mostly had grown legs by the end of the night, but there were two sets of real attractions at the event. One set was tech-based, while the other was very organic.

Off to one side of the party, tables were set up for tech demos. If you can’t imagine what kind of tech would be demoed at an adult entertainment company’s party, then let us tell you. There was a demo of Pink Visual Games Sex Simulator (www.pinkvisualgames.com). The game seemed like a take on the Sims franchise, but for adults. Character models were surprising well made. Proportions were natural (natural enough) and joints like knees and elbows deformed properly (basically, biceps didn’t go through forearms). The idea of the game was that you could create your own fantasy and record it from whatever angle you like. There’s a points system that let’s you acquire new settings and outfits for the action. Check out the site for videos, just know that it’s DEFINITELY NSFW.

Pink Visual Games
Actual in-graphics look surprisingly good

Another item was called PV Locker, which is an online streaming  service using Pink Visual’s content. The gist was that you purchase secenes that you like and they’re stored in the cloud. Access is available on mobile via apps or web broswer. the real interesting part of this service was in fact that there was a demo disc for a different and maybe competing service all over the event called AEBN (Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network). Granted, AEBN’s angle was different as the service is Blu-Ray based and a  rental service. Still, it wasn’t appearant that it was a different company and we weren’t informed until we asked about it.

PV Locker visual description
This is how the service works. Check the link for the content

The most interesting piece of tech being demoed was the Real Touch. This device is a male masturbator that connects to a computer and replicates the sensations programmed into the video. The even crazier part was that there was a new “Wand” attachment that live cam girls coould manipulate and those same sensations would be translated to the device in real-time. Also, there is a complimentrary site launching with the device. The site will not only have pre-programmed recorded media, but also the ability for users to make appointments with the girls of their choice. It’s an interesting concept to say the least and I’ll be interested to hear how it works out as a product in the future.

Real Touch
The future of being ronrey may not be so ronery after all

That organic  attraction we mentioned earlier showed up in the form of adult-film starlets Lexi Belle, Alexis Texas, and Kristen Price. Ms. Belle had a little game on an iPad attached to her chest for party-goers to play. Party-goers could scroll through about a dozen different busts, all in under garments, to guess which one belonged to Lexi. Alexis Texas was generally entertaining the crowd and mingling amongst guest. Kristen Price was off on the tech side of the event, demoing the “Wand” piece of the Real Touch.

Kristen Price, Lexi Belle, and Alexis Texas from left to right
Kristen Price, Lexi Belle, and Alexis Texas from left to right

The Pr0n Party was definitey the last kind of event we thought we’d attend during CES 2012. Then again, it’s Vegas, so the unexpected should always be expected. It was a ton of fun and we excited to see how this will get one-up’ed next year.