CybertronPC had the Touch at PAX East 2016

While they didn’t bring the likes of Optimus Prime or Megatron, CybertronPC was at PAX East this year showing off the new CLX line of powerful and custom gaming desktops and laptops.

The entire line is named for ancient Egyptian gods and each piece of gear comes packed with godly-gaming power. The desktop line up consists of 3 models, an ATX, M-ATX, and an ITX size. There are also the laptops, while having fewer models, have plenty of screen sizes to choose from for each.

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The desktops, named Ra, Horus, and Scarab are powerhouses no matter which model piques your interest. Each is heavily customizable,  but come with either a Z170 motherboard or an X99 in the case of the full-tower Ra. Cooling is provided by an AIO liquid cooler in both the M-ATX and ITX offerings, while the full-tower has the option for a custom loop with either hardline or softline tubing.

Pricing starts at $999 for the Scarab, $1299 for the Horus, and $1349 for the Ra.

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If you happened to be at PAX East 2016 and saw the  CybertronPC booth let us know what you thought of the systems.

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