The tiniest gimbal clears a huge milestone

Snoppa is definitely making waves in the consumer video world and potential consumers are making it clear that they want the ATOM mobile phone gimbal which is to be shortly released.

Just last week, the Indiegogo campaign cleared 10 times the requested funding and raised $1 million dollars. Which when you really think about it, is incredible. The backer count has surpassed 13,800 when the milestone was reached and is still climbing. As of writing on Oct 31st, the backer count was just shy of 14,000 and the campaign was just under $1.5 million dollars. See for yourself

Other than the collapsibility and the low entry cost, there seem to be a few features that are making backers jump on the campaign. For one, the carrying capacity is 310g, which is more than a DJI OSMO MOBILE or many other mobile phone gimbals. It’s actually enough for most flagship phones and an add-on lens. I think the other really interesting feature is the ability to use external mics by way of a mic input in the ATOM itself. While there’s no place to mount mics that need a cold-shoe mount like the ones that RODE make, having nearly any mic will be better than the mic built into your phone. This will not only keep the video be rock-steady, but also the audio won’t sound muffled, which is probably more important.

What do you think of this gimbal? Is it worth your time or do you already have one and will pass on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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