Adata adds storage options inside your pocket

With data capacities getting larger while the foot print gets smaller, it’s no wonder that many people are moving towards having a single small drive that they can carry worth them and the main pool of their data either at home or in the cloud.

That’s what ADATA seems to think at least seeing as they’re releasing a bevy of new portable storage devices. In the last month, the storage company has announced five different portable storage options.

SE730The tiniest in size is the SE730, which is 77mm x 44mm x 12.4mm, or about the size of two flash drives. It’s capacity is a rather spacious 250GB and is sporting a USB 3.1 Type-C connector. ADATA is claiming 500MB/s of bi-directional performance. MSRP is set at $139.99.

The rest of the announced drives will sport USB 3.0 mini connectors.

SV620-AllThere are also two portable SSD’s, the SV620 and the SC660.  Both are shock and dust resistant, have the same bi-directional performance speed of 410MB/s, and come in a metal case.  Each model will also come in 240GB and 480GB capacities. The SV620 will have a smooth exterior with a raised edge, while the SC660 will have grooves running the length of the enclosure.  Pricing for the SV620 is set at $94.99 for 240GB and $169.99 for the 480GB model. The SC660 will be $109.99 for 240GB and $189.99 for the 480GB.  The SV620 is available now on Amazon, while the SC660 is coming in October.

SC660Given that performance is claimed to be the same for these models, we’ll have to ask ADATA what else is contributing to the difference in MSRP.

HC660The final model being released is the HC660.  In appearance, this drive will look identical to the SC660, but will have a traditional rotating drive. At only 9.6mm, that’s quite a feat. Capacities for the HC660 will be much roomier at 1TB and 2TB and pricing much easier on the pocket at $79.99 and $119.99 respectively.  The HC660 will also be released in October on both Amazon and Newegg.