Rolling around – white knight pi itx case review

Most cases are some form of a box and with good reason – most components these days are still some form of rectangle. The only component that we can think of as uniformly not a cube of some sort are the cylindrical liquid reservoirs and the tubing that comes to and from them.

After seeing Apple’s unveiling of the current design of the Mac Pro, I patiently waited for a manufacturer to produce a round computer case.  I waited and waited and still nothing came to market. We had all but forgotten about the nition of owning a case that didn’t come in the shape of a shipping container. That is, until we stumbled across the White Knight Pi.

The White Knight Pi is a m-ITX completely cylindrical case that promised much more than it delivers, Check out the video below for our full thoughts. Protip – it’s not the best case we’ve ever had to actually build out.

Check out the video below for our full thoughts.

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